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131 acre property

Main Barn | Mare Motel | Stud Barn | Shop | Misc. Improvement Views | Pastures | Fencing | Additional Information

Hello and welcome to my equine ranch, my name is Jeff. I have decided to relocate and sell this property that I have built and used for less than two years. Please review this data and pictures, contact me for additional data and photos that cover more specific details that will need further explanations.

Possibly the most outstanding feature of the property is the high hill that is centrally located and affords two to four mile views in all directions. All the buildings are built on this 5 acre hilltop which is not only scenic but permits one to view most of the horses in the 8 principal pastures, additionally the summer SSW prevailing breeze has a nice cooling effect and helps to eliminate flying insects.

Two years ago this 131-acre property was a cattle ranch complete with barb wire, no electricity, water or even a driveway. Consequently, everything here is new and carefully designed for quality, ease of operation/efficiency, low maintenance, equine safety and coordinated so the entire property blends together with style.


All sandy loam covered in lush coastal Bermuda and large scattered oak trees. The soil drains very well minimizing mosquitoes and flies. One cutting of hay off of the 40-acre hay field in 2007 produced approximately 5 tons of coastal per acre.


The location is great as this 131 acre property is less than a quarter mile off of state hwy 19 (half way between Athens and Palestine Texas) and next door to Cedar Crest Equine Clinic. The city limits of Dallas are about 80 miles to the northwest.



  • This building is 36ft x 100ft
  • 12ftx 12ft finished room that could be an office, sleeping room or storage.
  • 5ft x 12ft finished room for quality storage
  • 12ft x 18ft grain and hay room with high roll up door
  • Front entry has a 10ftX25 ft covered insulated ceiling entrance
  • Front door is leaded glass

Four 12 x 12 stalls and one 12 x 16 stall, three of these stalls have 4ft x 8ft sliding doors to the exterior
where I have set up panels to make paddocks where I foal out the mares.

Vet Room

  • 12 x 26ft vet room with bath
  • Triple bowl deep stainless steel sink and two sets of faucets
  • Numerous cabinets
  • Two phone lines
  • Ceiling fan, Heat & AC
  • Finished beautifully

Teasing Area

Semen Collection Area

  • Double set of vet stocks, swing out sides
  • hot/cold water, even has a paper towel holder.
  • Insulated roll up door shown open on far side of Vet stocks. Door to right is Vet Room.


  • This building is 44ft x 96ft and connects to the back of the main barn running the opposite direction forming a T. When the horses enter the lanes from the 8 main pastures they come in between the two barns under a covered area and go one way into the mare motel or the other way into the main barn.
  • Twelve 14ft x 16ft stalls with all four sides being gates.
  • Roof is insulated.

Mare Motel looking East Southeast

South view of Stud Barn and Shop


This building is 36ft x 38ft

  • Four 12ft x 16ft stalls
  • All the stalls are in the corners and there is a 6 ft opening between the side stalls so studs are separated, these two areas are excellent storage for tack, hay and grain.
  • There is a sliding 4ft x 8ft door from each stall to a grass pasture and large windows with steel bars


  • This building is 50ft X 75ft plus an insulated 75 ft x 12 ft awning on one side
  • Fully insulated (walls, ceilings, doors and windows…the awning is also insulated)
  • This building was made to accommodate a semi-trailer load of hay/alfalfa. 4,000PSI concrete with ½ inch rebar on 12 inch centers, and two extra reinforced footers crossing the structure. The commercial grade rollup doors are 14 ft high and one has an electric opener.


  • There is no home on this property. You can build what you and your family need, everything else is in place for an equine operation..
  • There is a finished 14ftX26ft living area built into a corner of the shop
  • This area would be great for an office, guest quarters, employees etcetera
  • Full bath
  • 10ft of kitchen cabinet area
  • Nicely finished with 2 doors, 2 windows, ceiling fan and 10 foot ceilings
  • The ceiling is made out of 2 x 6s so it will accommodate storage from inside of the shop


[front] view of main barn, mare motel and shop

[back] view of shop, mare motel and stud barn


  • There are 8 main pastures (4 on each side of the property) with 4 of them over 10 acres each; there is approximately 75 acres in these 8 pastures. All these pastures lead to a 16-foot lane that takes them between two barns and stalls. Consequently, I can currently move 52 horses from pasture to pasture or to stalls in two barns without having to halter them. There are also 4 smaller stallion pastures that connect to a 12 x 16 foot stalls in the stallion barn.
  • Currently, and all this year there have been over 50 horses in the pastures and they can never keep up with the lush coastal Bermuda. Consequently, it is cut during the summer returning organic matter to the soil.
  • The grass is fertilized organically..…NO CHEMICALS.


All of the fencing consists of 5/16” galvanized cable, SOLID plastic UV treated line posts (8 ft X 5inches), heavy wall steel pipe corners (painted with Hammerite paint which should last for at least 15 years, it is used on boat docks under water), and gray powder coated Priefert gates.

The plastic posts will never rot, crack, rust or need painting…they should last 100 plus years. The galvanized cable is guideline cable and should look great for 50 years.

All the line posts are set in 60# of concrete and each corner has approx. 1,000# of concrete. Five holes were drilled through the solid plastic line posts and the cable was pulled through the holes and secured to the steel pipe corners. The line posts are not a conductor of electricity; there are heavy-duty insulators on the ends at the steel corners where the cables are attached so that the top, middle and bottom cables can be electrified.


Thank you for viewing this site.
I have additional photos you can view if you wish. Please contact me with any questions.

Jeff P. Jorgenson
(903) 549-2317

I researched for months on a daily basis to locate this beautiful undeveloped acreage so I could design and build a state of the art facility for my horses. Then with the help of survey equipment I laid out the building sites, driveway, pastures etcetera. I strived for the best building materials and design. EXAMPLE: normally everyone uses 3,000#PSI concrete in this area; these barns are 3,500#PSI and the shop is 4,000#PSI.

The rolling topography is great for building up the horses, especially the growing foals.

The equine vet (Steve Hicks, DVM) next door comes to my facility, as is needed, and has not charged me farm calls because from his barn to my barn is less than a two minute drive. Additionally, if I need to take a horse to him I just walk the horse down my 1600 ft driveway and enter his property from a side pasture lane and come right into the backside of the clinic where all horses are unloaded, this walk takes no more time than it would take to hook up the trailer.

The equine vet (Steve Hicks, DVM)

The vet room is very nice as you can see from the photos, I had a custom cabinet build in the wall so I can put supplies in from the vet room and take them out on the other side of the where the vet stocks are…this is really beneficial.

The double set of vet stocks are great for a mare and foal for ultra sounding, inseminating etcetera. There is a Delta bath faucet up high that regulates the hot and cold water, paper towel holder and a place to tie up the horse’s head for dental work.

All the buildings are constructed of steel; the red iron beams were all painted gray to match the building’s exteriors and the fencing. The inside insulation is white to match the doors, trim and roofs.

The hay field would provide additional pasture and or barn locations. There is approximtely 40 acres in front of hay field.

There are four ponds on the property and two of them should have fish. There potentially are two great locations to put in larger areas of water without major difficulty. One back corner of the property (about 2-4 acres) is heavily wooded where there is a wet water creek…great hunting spot.

Wildlife; deer, geese and wild hogs are plentiful.